About me

Who am I ?

I’m Vincent Thibault, a 23 year-old frenchy web developer specialized on new open-source web features like Javascript, PHP, HTML5, WebGL and CSS3.

I started this blog to share all my own tricks and codes and to talk about the various projects I’m working on – explains what happened behind the scene !

More about me

  • Where do you come from ?
    I’m from Plessis Trevise, a small city in Val de Marne, France.
  • What’s your favorite programming language ?
    I’m crazy about pure javascript (not jQuery, Prototype, …); It’s an elegant language with a lot of cool stuffs and really fast. I love using PHP5 too even if I don’t feel the same thing than when I code js.
  • What IDE are you using ?
    I always used Notepad++ to code (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS) because it’s really fast and light.
    We don’t need a powerfull IDE (as DreamWeaver) to write code.


Want to ask me another question ? Feel free to send me a message in the contact page.